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Help your members fall in love with the process of becoming. 

Take the guessing out of your weekly accessory work at your Crossfit gym! 


Do you feel you are constantly adding unorganized workouts to the end of your metcons or sessions? Constantly suffering from imbalances? BrickBuilt Strength programming delivers a durable, yet functional approach to your training and class accessory work . This will bring the same principles and methods we have always utilized , but with the ability to incorporate it into any gyms' programming! Not only will this will bring you progress week to week, but advance your overall feel and look. 


Remove any doubt or arbitrary programming from your workouts and lower your intensity to move for quality. Our programming can be modified for a wide variety of individuals , regardless of age or performance levels. Bring the structure of quality movement and new ranges of motion to your training. 

What’s included:  

  • 4 days a week

  • Including accessory work for pre or post class, Core finishers, stability and strength work for pre or post session and aerobic capacity

  • TrainHeroic access with questions or concerns for movements as well as accessory and core set up instructions

  • Video breakdown on movements (demos videos) 

  • Coaching cues on movements weekly if need be

  • Quality movements to help joint health

  • Lowering risk of injury while gaining the strength and look they desire

  • Join at anytime! 

  • Subscribe month to month with cancelation at any time!

How it goes down: 


You will receive access to a TrainHeroic account where your program will be uploaded weekly. The program will start each Monday of that week following sign ups. Billing will be once a month subscription or fixed date. Subscribe month to month with cancelation at any time. 

Also receive a discount on any 1on1 custom program for anyone that have a 3 month subscription for BrickBox.  


take the guessing out of your post crossfit accessory work, be on your way to bettering your performance and building a better base--Brick by brick


Price monthly: $10









Any further questions please let us know: Click here

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