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Built by Brick is a personalized program designed for individuals that desire something more out of their fitness. 

Based on the BrickBuilt Strength team principles, we construct a unique personalized program based on your needs and goals. We design a program tailored specifically to you! Whether you’re an athlete or just wanting to simply get more out of life and all it has to offer, we can help coach you! If you have ever felt like there was something missing from your fitness journey, you're not alone! Fall back in love with your fitness and the process that comes along with it. 

We take the time to get to know you and you're why through our questionnaire/ assessment process and consult. This allows the coaches to create the perfect plan for you. We aim to meet you at your current level, while also progressing you in the right direction.

How it goes down:

  • We first take your inquiry by clicking on the following link: CONTACT REQUEST  for program of interest (Built by Brick) or emailing us at


  • We conduct our personalized programming based on a questionnaire/assessment along with your consult. This helps us get to know you better, your goals, history and current status. We will cover what you can expect and what is expected of you during your program. Any questions or concerns will be covered as well during this consult. 


  • You and your coach will map out the duration of your program and how to you will properly execute your plan. 


  • If requested, your coach will review weekly progress as well as video uploads and comments. This will be included during your weekly check ins. You also will have access to your coach at anytime with a 24 hour response gap. 



  • Once payment is collected, you'll gain full access to the True Coach app and program.

What's Included:

  • A personalized program tailored specifically to your goals and needs. 

  • All Built by Brick programming is offered through the True Coach App with demo videos in exercise library. 

  • Unmatched coaching feedback and support from the BrickBuilt strength coaches. 

  • Accountability from your coach with educational cues and motivation. 

  • The experience of being heard, seen and cared for. 

  • Progressive and challenging program with engagement.

1 on 1 program FAQs

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