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Welcome to BrickBuilt Nutrition

t’s not just about the 1 hour you’re spending in the gym everyday— it’s what you do during the other 23 that have the greatest impact on your health. Here at BrickBuilt, we are excited to support you both in and out of the gym.


With Brick Bulit Nutrition, you’ll receive customized macro planning, weekly check-ins with your coach to keep you accountable, and adjustments to your plan as necessary—because LIFE happens.


You’ll build some bricks (aka good habits) that are part of a solid foundation: sleep, stress reduction, recovery, hydration, daily movement practice, mindset, and most important—consistency!


Macros may not be the end all be all for everyone but they are a great place to start, especially if you have had trouble with nutrition. We believe in helping coach people so that they can help themselves achieve goals, learn and develop accountability! 

Macro FAQs:

  • What is the 1 on 1 program?
    ​Built by Brick is a personalized program designed for individuals that desire something more out of their fitness. Based on the BrickBuilt Strength team principles, we construct a unique personalized program based on your needs and goals. We design a program tailored specifically to you! Whether you’re an athlete or just wanting to simply get more out of life and all it has to offer, we can help coach you! If you have ever felt like there was something missing from your fitness journey, you're not alone! Fall back in love with your fitness and the process that comes along with it. We take the time to get to know you and your why through our questionnaire/ assessment process and consult. This allows the coaches to create the perfect plan for you. We aim to meet you at your current level, while also progressing you in the direction
  • Is it like Body by Brick?​
    Body by Brick is a built out progressive program, so it is not personalized. Built by Brick is designed specifically to you based on the assessment and goals set by you!
  • How do I get started on a 1 on 1 program?
    All you have to do is visit the home page and fill out the inquiry box or email us at in order to begin the process. Click here for consult
  • What are my program options on 1 on 1 programs:
    OPTION A: With NO check ins (TRUE COACH App access) 4 weeks 6 weeks OPTION B: With weekly coaches check ins (TRUE COACH App access) 4 weeks 6 weeks OPTION C: With weekly coaches check ins + macro prescription (TRUE COACH App access) 4 weeks 6 weeks
  • I’m injured, can I still do a program?​​"
    If we deem you capable to do our 1 on 1 remote coaching program, then we can modify and progress a program according to your specific limitation.
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