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Envision each day with determination and excitement to train, but with a sound guide to do so! The BrickBuilt Strength team has now constructed a 3 month plan built out with progression week to week. Remove any doubt, arbitrary programming, and disconnectedness from your workouts. We have been building programs for years and our methods of training have perpetually been proven effective.


Tired of joining program after program, signing up for the "90 day fix" every year and not getting the results you want? We have built 12 weeks of fun functional training already done for you, all you need to do is show up. Our functional strength training with an endurance component blends for the right amount of progression to give you the feeling and appearance you have been seeking. We believe less is more and the key to success lies within consistent training accompanied by active recovery. Learn new movements that will last you a lifetime. 


This 12 week program is designed for people who have had some experience following or reading a workout program with dedicated compliance. This program is perfect for those who want to fall in love with their fitness in addition to the process. You will be challenged in the best way possible without spending hours in the gym. Learn what your body needs through experiencing quality movement. If you have been on the fence about trying functional fitness, then now is the time! 


Yes! That's the beauty behind Body by Brick programming. It is fit to be a stand alone program or supplemental for any other sport specific training. For hundreds of clients we have built supplemental programs to help excel their current training (i.e. Crossfit, bodybuilding, powerlifting, strong man etc.) Let us help you build! 

​​When you join Body by Brick you will receive:

  • Truecoach access, for 12 weeks of programming with reload week included. 

  • Access to BrickBuilt coach during the 12 week duration for questions or concerns. 

  • 5 days a week with built in active recovery days 

  • Exercise library with demos for each movement. 

  • Your best NAKED self! 

How much is the program? 

The program will cost $70 for the 12 weeks which will run start to finish.

FAQ on Body by Brick:  

How can I access the program? 

Each member will be put into our online training platform Truecoach to create a profile. All workouts and video demos will be loaded into this program. 


Will I get to keep access to Truecoach?

You will receive access to the program from the start date until the full 12 weeks. After the 12 weeks your profile will be archived unless you decided to continue with another BrickBuilt program. 


What equipment is needed? 

Depends on which version you partake in. Our full equipment programs require having access to a general gym, Crossfit gym or fully equipped home gym. If you do not have access to one of these then feel free to modify as you see fit. You will have access to coaches to ask questions. Make the best of the equipment you do have and get a great workout in! 



Equipment list for full gym version: 

Barbell, squat rack, dumbbells, kettlebells, stretch bands, thera type bands, box, benches, sled, jump rope, GHD or roman chair, assault or stationary bike, rower, treadmill, ab mat, bumper plates, standard plates, pull up bar, landmine ( can be modified), rings ( TRX bands), Sand bag ( can be modified) Medicine ball. 

Is body by brick right for me? 

YES!! haha but in all seriousness, this program is designed for people who have had some experience following or reading a workout program with dedicated compliance. This program is perfect for those who want to fall in love with their fitness and the process that comes along with it. The functional strength training with an endurance component blends for the right amount of progression. Hitting deadends, burned out on your training or just curious to what functional fitness is all about? Then this program is PERFECT for you. If you want to fall in love with your fitness then this is your chance, get signed up today! 

How long will the workouts take me? 

Each session will take roughly 60-75 mins total time. Depending on each member your session set up may differ. You will have access to a coach for advice and insight. 

Do I have to start at the first few phases of Body by Brick? 

No not at all, this program is built to progress you from the very first week at whatever level of fitness you are currently at! 


Can I modify this plan if I am injured? 

This program is for those who do not have extremely limited ranges of motion. If you have been cleared to pursue exercise, then be sure to do so at the rate prescribed from your medical guidance.  We will assume you will know how to properly scale or modify your own workouts and we will be here to help with anything we can if you reach out. 

Are my weights prescribed? 

We do not prescribe weights on most of the accessory movements on purpose. Please set weights as you see fit and progress accordingly. Be sure to record your weights to see how much you progress.  


Will I have access to a coach at anytime? 

Each member may reach out on the message board on Truecoach with at least 24hour response. Please remember that there is a large amount of members participating and be sure to understand we will respond as soon as possible.


Can I miss workouts? 

The program will run start to finish for 12 weeks so be sure to stay as compliant as possible during this time. After the 12 weeks you will lose access to the truecoach platform unless continuing with the body by brick series. The program will be built out each week but feel free to complete the workouts in whichever order you see fit for your schedule weekly. (ex. Day 1, Day 2, etc.) 


How is this different than my personalized BrickBuilt program?

The Body by Brick program is a group program for the go getters! By design, it may not allow progression to the extent the personalized programming would. The personalized programming allows for each individual’s direct goals and intentions to be met and in addition, receive 1 on 1 communication with your coach. If you are looking for more detail on this please feel free to reach out to us at anytime. ​​​

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